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  • discussion page Talk:Agnoman
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    Comment: etymology of agnoman ?
  • edit Lugh
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  • edit Tuatha de Danann
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  • new page Lugh
    created by Manawyddan151
    New page: Lugh was the most famous king of the Tuatha de Danann, best known for saving them from the Fomorians Biography Lugh's parents were Cian, son of Dian...
  • new page Gaels
    created by Manawyddan151
    New page: The Gaels are the descendants of Fenius Farsaid, Goidel Glas, Lamfhind, and Mil Espaine, and the final group to settle in Ireland, replacing the...
  • new page Allot
    created by Manawyddan151
    New page: Allot was the son of Agnoman and the brother of Lamfhind.
  • new page Brath
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    New page: Breogan, his sonAdded by Manawyddan151 Brath, a descendant of Lamfhind, was largely responsible for escorting the Gaels out of Gothia, and into Spain...
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  • new page Refloir
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    New page: Refloir was a king of Scythia, who was killed by Agnoman, father of Lamfhind.
  • new page Piamp
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    New page: Piamp was the son of Tait, the father of Agnoman, and the grandfather of Nemed.
  • new page Agnoman
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    New page: There are two people named Agnoman in The Book of Invasions, both originally from Scythia: Agnoman, father of Nemed The first Agnoman was the father...

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